Poker Rake Races Offer A Chance To Earn More

There are some really good poker rake races available. These offer great prize pools even for those who are just casual players and want to enjoy smaller stakes. Even the lower level participants have a chance to win big in these. There is a monthly chance to compete for over $150,000. There are also special competitions available that offer even better value. These promotions offer a 30 to 45% rake back deal combined with huge reload and deposit bonuses.

What Are They?

These are a new trend in the world of poker. They are a way to reward those who remain active online. The goal of the program is quite simple, play as much as you possibly can. When using real money you are contributing to the casino's earnings, so this means that you just want to get in as many hands as possible. The site will set up a prize pool and will determine how the money will be divided among the group that is competing. These competitions are typically open to everyone at the site. This means that you will be competing against the entire group there. In addition, there are also exclusive races that are only open for specific people. The prizes that are won in these competitions comes with no strings attached. It will simply be deposited into your account and you get to keep it. You can use it for your bankroll or withdraw it. Most of the prize pools are top heavy, which means that the majority of the cash will go to the top 10 individuals who have the most rake. There are some that will have a flatter payout structure.


One thing to consider when trying to win poker rake races is that you do not need to compete at the high stakes tables. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they are at the higher stakes that they will gain some type of advantage. However, this is not the case as these tables are typically tighter and there are not as many hands played, which means there is not as much money collected. Another tip is to have as many games going as you possibly can. The more tables that you have open the better. However, make sure to not lose your edge when doing this. It is also important to make sure to get in on the other promotions that are offered. While the rake races are a great way to earn extra money, getting bonus offers is important as well. Most of the sites today have some type of VIP deal that you should be eligible for if you are playing at the site. At the very least, a sign up promotion should be offered to you.


Poker rake races are a great way to earn extra money for your bankroll. If played right, you will be able to take shots at playing in some of the bigger games that are available. Overall, make sure that you remain competitive during the races and that you get something extra as well.