Turn The Odds In Your Favour With Advice From Pros

Before anyone can be successful at the game, they must first learn the actual odds of winning no limit poker. Americans love poker games of all types, and this variety allows for some substantial pots, winnings and excitement.

What is Pot Control?

The first thing to consider is that no limit means that the gambler can bet anywhere from the blind to his or her entire stack at any time during a hand. Thus, while the ability to go all-in pre-flop exists, it isn't advisable under any circumstance. The best way to bet in this game is to choose a percentage of the existing pot size and stick with it based upon the strength of the hand.

Consider the Choices

No limit poker odds, then, should come into play when the gambler determines the percentage of the pot to wager. There is usually an option to bet 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the pot that already exists, but it is possible to choose any amount in between, wager more than 100% of the pot or go all-in at any time. As the pot grows, the size of the bets that the individual makes will increase substantially.

For Example

Let's say that an individual is lucky enough to receive two Aces. He or she may choose to raise 50% of the pot right off the bat because this is a very strong hand. After the flop, if another Ace is present, he or she may choose to wager 100% of the pot unless there is a strong possibility that someone has a higher hand. This trend can continue with the player holding three Aces betting 100% of the pot until everyone folds or the player wins the game. Do not confuse the value of two Aces with blackjack rules; this means an easy win or double win in blackjack. It's good to know why you should or shouldn't split aces in blackjack, take this guide and find out.

Understanding Implied Odds

The odds of winning no limit poker are often implied. This means that the gambler should consider the amount of money it will cost to continue playing versus the amount of money he or she could possibly make. Thus, if you have $400 with which to play but your opponent only has $100, this effectively means that you truly only have $100 for a stack. For high hands, it is always the gambler's goal to maximize the pot, so this hand should be played carefully.

Understanding Pot Odds

Another type of no limit poker odds is what are known as pot odds. These are calculated by the ratio of the amount of money that currently exists in the pot to the amount of money that the individual has to spend in order to continue. If the odds are in the individual's favor, it is wise to continue.

The Two Together

Pot odds and implied odds must be considered together in each and every scenario in order for even a beginner to make wise decisions. This sort of calculating can only be done with time and practice, so many professionals recommend starting out with free rooms until this is like second nature.