Winning HORSE Poker Strategies

HORSE isn't just a fun basketball competition; it's also a form of poker typically played at the high stakes tables. It is comprised of five different games, including: Texas Hold'Em (H), Omaha (O), Razz (R), seven-card stud high (S) and seven card stud hi-low split-eight or better (E). Competitors should first know how to play each of these variations before attempting to compete. If you are looking for a solid HORSE poker strategy, you should follow the tips below for the best results.

Take Advantage of Your Strengths

While it's true you should know all of the variations involved during a typical competition, you don't necessarily have to be the best at each round. Play whatever you consider your weakest variation whenever you have a monster hand, and avoid it all costs otherwise. Just know that your strengths and weaknesses could be picked up by others and taken advantage of, so play smart when you can. You should always have confidence when making decisions so your opponents are none the wiser that certain rounds might be your weakest link.

Be Flexible

The right HORSE poker strategy includes flexibility because the game will switch every time the table has made a round. If you are able to seamlessly switch from Texas Hold'Em to Omaha and so on, you will be successful.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Opponents

These games are all about reading your opponents. If you pay close attention to the others at the table, you should be able to gauge their strengths and weaknesses during each round. If the competitor to your right isn't as confident during the Razz round, your HORSE poker strategy should include taking advantage of him or her by raising the pot. Remember that your competitors will be doing the same to you as well.

Be Realistic About Your Abilities

The competition is fierce to say the least. Most of the people at the table are more experienced and skilled than the average player. If you're a newbie to any of the variations, you should probably practice first before joining in on a mixed-format competition.

Start Small

While you may find it easy to participate in multi-table Texas Hold'Em, it's much more difficult to do the same in a mixed-format setting. The game is constantly changing, and it may become challenging to keep up with all the different rounds. Think about how confusing it would be to keep up with Texas Hold'Em, Razz and seven-card stud simultaneously. After you've competed multiple times and gotten the hang of it, you may decide to participate in multi-table games, but until then stick with just one so you can better your strategy and your bankroll!

HORSE poker strategy involves flexibility, keeping an eye on the others and knowing your limits when it comes to your own abilities. If you keep these tips and strategies in mind, you could walk away with a winning hand and some extra cash.