Omaha Poker Strategy

Many players think Omaha Poker is simply Holdem with four cards, but these players couldn't be more wrong. While it can be a simple game, it pays to take some time to learn the rules and employ a good Omaha poker strategy. The following Omaha tips will help everyone do just that.

Don't Lose Control

The key to any poker game, no matter the style, is a good bluff. If you lose control, you can't keep up a poker face or maintain that bluff. Always make sure to keep a good cap on your emotions, or walk away if you feel yourself losing control.

Always Make Your Nuts

Nuts are the best possible hand for the situation, so this is one of the most important Omaha poker strategy types that anyone can employ. Especially while you're learning to play Omaha poker, you should be careful, play tight and make your nuts. If you're not careful, you open yourself up to make stupid mistakes and lose a lot of money.

Keep Your Options Open

Because you have four cards to play with instead of only two, you end up playing more hands than you would in a traditional Holdem game. Just because you pick up an Ace, you should never hang onto it if there are better options available. Clinging to your Aces without something to complement them is a quick trip to an empty bankroll.

Pay Attention to Your Money

Speaking of the bankroll, it's a good idea to pay very careful attention to your money. This is one of the most important Omaha tips to learn. Set up a bankroll and don't stray from that amount, and don't make it larger than you can afford to lose. Take it out in cash before you get to your casino and leave the debit and credit cards at home. On the other side, know when to cash out and walk away, too.

Watch the Odds

Spend some time learning the game before you put down your first card. It may not be a complicated game to learn, but there are strategies that can be applied to increase your chance of walking away with more than moths in your wallet. When it comes right down to it, this and every other card game has its roots in math. Learn the math and you can beat the game.

The Verdict

The verdict is learning your game before you play. It is a fun game to play, and a fairly simple one to learn, but spend a little time learning a good Omaha poker strategy before you put your cash on the table. It may seem like a lot of effort for little reward, but a little time spent can net you a fairly large payout. Try it out yourself if you'd rather not take the word of an internet article. A little bit of math can change the world or at least pad your wallet.