Build Your Bankroll at Sit and Go Tournaments

Those looking for more of a thrill and a challenge than a single round of poker can provide like to participate in Sit and Go Tournaments (sometimes referred to as SNGs or Sit 'n' Goes). People of all skill levels can participate in SNGs, which have buy-ins from as low as $0.11 to $5,000. They generally last less than an hour and make it easy for participants to be engaged in multiple tables at a time. You can learn all about Sit and Go poker strategy below.

The Basics

These tournaments might seem like an easy way to earn a lot of cash, but as with any form of poker, there is a lot of strategy and patience involved in an SNG. In fact, sitting at multiple tables can sometimes be a mistake as there is too much variance.

Early SNG Rounds

A small portion of a participant's starting stack is the blind. Individuals will sometimes make the mistake of not protecting their monster hands and end up failing because of small raises. If someone has something spectacular right off the mark, such as pocket Aces, he or she should put as much money in the pot as possible while he or she still has the best cards. Conversely, another of the best strategies involves understanding when to walk away. Remember: this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Are the Blinds Low?

If the blinds are low, gamblers should be wagering on suited connectors as well as suited gap connectors as it costs a very small percentage of the stack when the competitor is in position. This is a Sit and Go poker strategy that should always be kept in mind.

Raising is a Great Move

Whenever a person has fabulous pocket cards like pocket Aces, other high pairs, and even high connectors (particularly when they are suited), he or she should raise three to four times the big blind. Usually, participants will commit to a top pair even if they have a poor kicker. This is because a top pair is almost always the best hand in these situations.

Sit and Go Competition Levels

While the level of competition in SNG tournaments is poor compared with other tournament types, people should resist making small bets against their opponents. This could make their opponents who might have weaker hands get the odds and chase the competitor down.

Competitors should be smart, strategic, confident and responsible. If a participant uses the Sit and Go poker strategy listed above, he or she will walk away a winner.