The Famous Poker Player Doyle Brunson

Anyone who knows anything at all about the game of poker has at least heard the name of the famous poker player and author, Doyle Brunson. He has played poker for more than 50 years and is known as one of the originals. He is also one of the best. He started his gambling life using underground games that were in Texas. He and his pal Dwayne Hamilton caught the bug and then started traveling around to take part in some of the largest games of the time.

Throughout their travels they met many legends including Sailer Robert and Amarillo Slim, with whom they bonded. Eventually the duo settled in Las Vegas and Doyle Brunson helped create the WSOP in 1970. He has been in almost every World Series of Poker Event since it was created.

Becoming A Legend

During the early part of his career he proved that he had a knack for things. He will state that even after playing for this many years he still learns new things about it all the time. He should know as he was the first to ever win 2 world championships in a row and has 10 bracelets from WSOP events. The only other person that has this many bracelets is Johnny Chan and the only person that has more is Phil Hellmuth, who has 11 and is the record holder. In these events alone he has earned well over $3 million.

His success in the field led to him writing a book called Super System. This is considered to be the "bible" of poker. The book became even more famous when it was used in the movie "Rounders." You may think that it was popular at the time because there were no others like it, but still to this day nearly 14,000 copies are sold each month. This is a much loved manual of the game that holds within its pages strategies for not only Texas hold'em, but for many other types of cards as well. There is also a second book available, called Super System 2, that is almost as popular. The 2nd edition uses a lot of information from the first, but is also co-authored by some of the current greats.

Where is He Now?

Doyle Brunson is now 77 years old and has said that he is not going to retire from playing any time in the near future. He is often found playing in some of the largest games of the world including the infamous $4000/$8000 mixed games that are played at the Bellagio in "Bobby's Room." He is also a regular on television found on shows such as WPT, After Dark, and High Stakes. For those that are interested in what he is up to these days you can follow his official website where you will find his enthralling blog that offers tons of great information. You can also follow his twitter feed to find out where he is at these days.