Learn No Limit Irish Poker Rules And Play Like A Pro

If you are interested in learning no limit Irish Poker rules, then you'll first need to have a firm understanding of Texas Hold'Em. It is actually a variation of that game in which users are dealt four hole cards instead of two before the flop; participants must then determine which two of these they'll discard after the flop betting round.

Basic Setup

Like most other Hold'Em variations, participants play this one with a standard deck that is re-shuffled or replaced after each hand. It is offered in both limit and no limit formats with no limit Irish Poker rules stating that users can go all-in at any time and that they are not required to adhere to pre-flop terms or pot multiples.


The blinds are paid by two people at the table and these are essentially pre-flop bets that are required to help get things moving. The blind 'positions' move around the table. The 'big' is the full amount while the 'small' is half of this. Thus, while it wouldn't make sense to fold outright on the big, the person who must pay the small can either forfeit that amount and fold or add in the other half to play.

The First Round

The first round adheres to the no limit Irish Poker rules in that the dealer hands everyone four cards. Only the participant can see these cards on the screen; the others at the table cannot. Then, a round of wagering takes place prior to the flop. After everyone has agreed, the first three community cards are placed on the table for all to see. The goal here, then, is to look at those and determine which two of the original four to keep in order to build the strongest possible hand.

The Turn and the River

After the aforementioned round is over, two more, called the turn and river, take place thereafter and are pretty much the same except that the dealer provides only one additional community card per round. Wagering takes place, too, giving each person ample opportunity to turn the tides in their favor. After all, for some folks, getting lucky on the river is the way to get things done.

The Showdown

Finally, after everything has settled and all of the wagers have been equalized after the river, the players at the table will have a 'showdown' during which their hands are turned over and compared. Of course, like traditional poker, the Royal Flush is the best possible hand and it cannot be beaten. However, there are tons of situations in which people are paid only for having the high card which is generally a Queen or a King. Two people with the same value hand will split the pot.

All in all, if you're a fan of Texas Hold'Em but you're looking for something a little different, then it might be worth your while to learn no limit Irish Poker rules. It's a nice little twist that will have you changing up your strategy and thinking on the fly.